Northwest Indiana residents and visitors heading to the beach at Indiana Dunes State Park no longer will be permitted to go swimming in Lake Michigan, beginning Saturday.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Friday it doesn't have a sufficient number of lifeguards to allow state park visitors to continue swimming in the lake.

The state agency requires lifeguards always be present when park visitors are swimming because of the frequently changing conditions of the lake bottom and the unpredictability of dangerous rip currents that can occur along the shoreline.

DNR officials said state park visitors still can engage in beach activities and wade up to waist-deep in Lake Michigan, but cannot swim in the lake or go into deeper waters.

Indiana conservation officers and park staff will be on hand to monitor safety and compliance.

Individuals planning to visit Indiana Dunes State Park next weekend, or over the Labor Day holiday, are urged to visit the park's Facebook page for updates on swimming opportunities.

Swimming in Lake Michigan continues to be available at Indiana Dunes National Park and numerous other recreation areas along Indiana's publicly owned Lake Michigan shoreline.
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