Recent figures from the state of Indiana in terms of casino gambling in the state shows that while the two other Southeastern Indiana casinos are struggling with either customers or revenue - Belterra is seeing growth in both areas.

For the first quarter of 2012, the state says that Belterra Casino Resort and Spa was the only Southeastern Indiana property to grow in both revenues and attendance.

For the first three months of the year, state figures show casino receipts rising by five percent to $36.9 million; while visitors grew by 1.1 percent, to almost 408,000 people

The state report shows that the average gambler at Belterra spent $90 between table games and slot machines - that's $3 more than last year.

Overall, the report showed that Southeastern Indiana casinos attracted fewer guests in the first quarter, but those visitors are spending more money, pushing up revenues.

For the first three months in the Southeastern Indiana:

- Attendance fell by 3.4 percent, down to 1.6 million visits.

- Revenues raised by 1.4 percent, up to $171 million. The average gambler spent $104 per visit, which is $5 more than last year.

- Statewide, Indiana casinos saw just the opposite trend. Overall, the number of visitors was up 1.1 percent to 6.3 million people; but revenues fell by 1.2 percent to $686.9 million.

Across all of the casinos in Indiana, in the first quarter of 2012 the average gambler spent $110, which is $2 less than last year.

Statistics for the Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun showed that attendance was up, but revenue was down.

In the first three months of this year, Rising Star saw a 0.8 percent rise in the number of visitors, but to 313,000; but its revenues dropped by 0.5 percent, down to $23.2 million.

Visitors to Rising Star spend an average of $74, which is down by $1 from last year.

At Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, revenue went up but the number of visitors dropped.

For the first quarter, Hollywood saw attendance drop by 6.6 percent, down to 920,000 visits; while revenues came up by just 0.7 percent, to $110.9 million.

In Lawrenceburg, the average gambler spent $121, which is $9 more than last year.
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